Inhibited Glycol

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Inhibited Glycol is considered to be antifreeze heat transfer agent that is widely used as an industrial coolant. This glycol product comes with an added inhibitor package which includes efficient corrosion inhibitors that are designed to provide protection to copper, cast iron, steel, aluminium, brass, solder and other metals commonly found in the industrial heating and cooling systems.
The effectiveness of Inhibited Glycols in preventing corrosion has been proven over the years in extensive laboratory simulated service.

What is Corrosion?
Corrosion of metal or metal parts has always been a critical issue for water and water/glycol cooling systems as metals have the natural tendency to oxidize when comes in contact to water. It is an oxidation procedure which is responsible for numerous damages in the…

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Suppliers of Inhibited Glycol

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Chemtex Speciality Limited

Chemtex Speciality Limited has been in the sector of speciality chemicals for over 45 years. Established in 1970, Chemtex has created a niche for itself in the chemical industry in this span of time by virtue of its high performance chemical formulations. The main industrial sectors that Chemtex deals in include Water Treatment Chemicals, Heat Transfer Fluids, Cleaners & Disinfectants and Performance chemicals. Chemtex manufactured products have a wide variety of applications and cater to a large number of industries, amongst which the major few are namely Agro, Automobile, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Iron & Steel, Institution, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Power and Textile.

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Dynalene, Inc.

As the popularity of Dynalene heat transfer fluids grew in a variety of industrial applications, AFT developed several innovative fluids and chemistries to cover as many applications as possible. The Dynalene brand name was well established with over 40 fluids that included several custom fluids made for customers depending on their applications. In 2005, the company changed its name from Advanced Fluid Technologies Inc. to Dynalene Inc.

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